Here you'll find the answers to the art of traveling with cameras big and small.  DSLR Traveler, will answer any question you have, so don't hesitate to get in touch. Through the adventures of Justin Weiler and other professional photographers, filmmakers and bloggers, you'll learn tricks of the trade and see some of the pretty stuff they create.  Enjoy!

The Big Questions... What to buy and What to pack? 

These are tough questions to answer, because every trip requires a seperate set of tools.  That said I've curated a few lists that I think might help. I scoured through My Kit List and broke it down into types of travel.  From Safaris to walking the streets of London and everything in between.  

It's what we do best!  Everything from print, web and commercials... we do it all.  Learn how to create content for Travel companies big & small to help share their story.   The more skills you have the more valuable you'll be.  

At the heart of every charity is a compelling story, so lets share it together. Whether your raising funds or awareness we can connect the dots and raise awareness for your charity of choice.       

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Content is king and we've been developing it for years. From start-ups to fortune 500 clients we've been building libraries big & small.  If you need a fresh start or a new look... get in touch. 

How do you make the most of your adventures?  


Every trip is different, so treat it differently.  As photographer/filmmaker, the trick has always been to match the medium for the moment. When you're filming... it's a constant dance as things can move freely in and out of frame, but when snapping you're trying to capture a moment in time

So what toys do you need? I'm not a gear head and I like to pack as light as possible, however no single camera can do everything & not all cameras are created equally.  

Keep your life simple when it comes to toys... pack less, so you can use them more.  Once you have a few trips under your belt, you'll start to develop a style and a level comfort with all of your gear.  


My Packing style hasn't changed much over the years. Here is snap of my pack list to India in 2010 and it's pretty similar today. 

The most recent series I created for USTOA, was shot solely on Canon 5dm3's + GoPros.  I carry 5 lenses + 2 bodies at all times. Simple.   Bells and whistles aren't my forte... story is and anything to hinders my ability to do that isn't worth carrying.  




Making a difference with what you do. 

I'm passionate about giving back.  Whether it's raising money or telling stories, I love putting my skills to good use. If you're interested in learning more about connecting with charities on your next big adventure get in touch.  I've recently partnered with The Daya Project, which is like Yelp for Non-profits around the world, so stay tuned.

In the coming years, Photography + Video will be the biggest game changer for the non-profit sector and we have an opportunity to lead it.  

Recently, I've been working closely with Operation Smile UK on missions to Vietnam and it has forever changed my life.  From playing silly games with kids before surgery and witnessing their mums trust complete strangers with their children to watching all their lives change in just 45 minutes has been an honour.   

Here is  short film I created for Operation Smile's in Vietnam. 



How can you merge the two? Is it possible to combine what you love and bring great brands along for the ride?  Lets figure out how to use your social networks without selling your soul to tell bigger and better stories.  Be true to you + your style and connect with brands that you care about.   




Justin Weiler-Poloroid Project

Having the ability to give people portraits instantly is one of my favourite  experiences when traveling.  


Justin Weiler- GetSole Project

Easiest way to get yourself into photos anywhere in the world.  



Friendly faces in foreign places always makes my heart sing.