Making a difference with what you do. 

I'm passionate about giving back.  Whether it's raising money or telling stories, I love putting my skills to good use. If you're interested in learning more about connecting with charities on your next big adventure get in touch.  I've recently partnered with The Daya Project, which is like Yelp for Non-profits around the world, so stay tuned.

In the coming years, Photography + Video will be the biggest game changer for the non-profit sector and we have an opportunity to lead it.  

Recently, I've been working closely with Operation Smile UK on missions to Vietnam and it has forever changed my life.  From playing silly games with kids before surgery and witnessing their mums trust complete strangers with their children to watching all their lives change in just 45 minutes has been an honour.   

Here is  short film I created for Operation Smile's in Vietnam.